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Welcome to the White Galloway Stars

"To know what unifies the world at its innermost. " (Goethe)

The Life of a Breeder: Act 1

How pleasing it is to the eye to see these white cows out on their pasture, with perfect markings, their bodies white and only their ears, eyes and muzzles black. Ideally they should all also have four black "socks" on. A just as perfecly marked White Galloway bull joins the group and some nine months later, a few calves which are just as perfectly marked as their parents are born. Almost all breeders of White Galloways start out with such expectations.

The Life of a Breeder: Act 2

You don´t have to wait long for a big surprise: instead of white calves with perfect markings, we also get black calves, and strongly marked and poorly marked ones as well.

The Life of a Breeder: Act 3

What is the reason for it? This is a question that has long occupied the minds of White Galloway breeders. The wildest theories and speculation are widespread. Fortunatly serious research scientists do not waste time on them. Prof. Swalve from the University of Halle and Prof. Brenig from the University of Göttingen are fascinated by this enigma of nature and want to try help solve it and so they have started a research project for this very purpose.

Are you a breeder? Are you interested?

You can get the information you need concerning the Project "White Galloway Stars" right here, and you can participate in this research project; and even though we are not able to find all the answers we are seeking to all the riddles confronting us, and we still do not know precisely what binds the world together at its innermost, perhaps we will have become a bit wiser and will be able to benefit from our research in a practical and breeder-oriented way.

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Science and Practice

Here you will find the reports and results concerning the actual situation of the project White Galloway Stars.

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