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Participation in the Project

How can we take part in the project?

Nothing easier than that ...

1) On a rainy day when there is nothing for you to do outside, get out your Herd Books and Pedigree Lists, and download the two following questionnaires:

Questionnaire Breeding Cattle (.doc)

Questionnaire Calves (.doc)

2) Fill in the data that you have available. Take a look at the photos in case you are now not quite so sure about the markings of your animals.

3) Filled with suspense you then send the filled-in questionnaires per e-mail to:


Dr. Rosner will take a look at your questionnaires and will get in touch with you if he has any questions. Therefore start in with just a few filled-in forms, and he will get in touch with you with some tips to help you in filling-in the questionnaires should this be necessary.

Of course, you can make a printout of the questionnaires, fill them in by hand and make use of the services of the good old post office to send them off. If so, please send them to:

Dr. agr. Frank Rosner
Professur für Tierzucht am Institut für Agrar-und Ernährungswissenschaften
Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg
Theodor-Lieser-Str. 11
06120 Halle/Saale

IMPORTANT! Please list all of your calves even when these were not used for breeding purposes (including stillborn calves). This comprehensive information is most helpful because the colouring and markings of all the calves provides valuable information concerning the course of their heritage.

Thank you for helping us!

Important Information

Questionnaire Breeding Cattle (doc.)

Download FormularblattQuestionnaire Breeding Cattle (Cow or Bull). Please download and fill in.

Questionnaire Calves (doc.)

Download FormularblattQuestionnaire for Calves.
Please download and fill in.


Dr. agr. Frank RosnerDr. agr. Frank Rosner

+49 (0) 345 55 22334
Email: frank.rosner@