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Data, facts, matings, calves: here you can delve deeper into the results arrived at by the scientists up to now – looking at the calves and their ancestors will convince you.

February 2013

Report on the scientific results

B. Brenig, J. Beck, C. Floren, K. Bornemann-Kolatzki, I. Wiedemann, S. Hennecke, H. Swalve, E. Schütz

» Molecular genetics of coat colour variations in White Galloway and White Park cattle

April 2012

Projectreport – Update

Hermann H. Swalve

» An update on the "Coat Colour in White Galloways Project" (.doc)

September 2011

Presentation Conference of the DGfZ and GfT on 6th and 7th September, 2011 in Freising Weihenstephan

» Research concerning the inheritance of colour with White Galloways (PDF, German)

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